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July 5, 2017

Broiler Welfare Policy

Smitty’s Canada Limited’s goal is for our food to be produced under the highest quality and ethical standards.

We are doing this in several ways, two of the most noteworthy being in connection with our commitment to animal welfare.

In 2016, we announced that we have signed on to a growing list of restaurant chains to work with our Supplier / Partners to source all eggs from cage free hens by no later than 2025.

And, in 2017, we are focused on the welfare of birds that are being use for meat. In order to fulfill this goal, by 2024 we will purchase from chicken suppliers and manufacturers that meet with the following Global Animal Partnership (GAP) standards as assessed by a third party auditor. This includes:

  • Using GAP approved breeds proven to have better welfare outcomes
  • Reducing maximum stocking density equal to or less than 30 kg/m2 or 6 lbs./sq. ft. to provide birds more space
  • Improving the living environments of birds including litter, lighting, and enrichments that meet GAP's new standards
  • Processing chickens more humanely through a multi-step controlled-atmosphere processing system.

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