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April 8, 2019

Our Growing Family

After 58 years of proudly serving Canadians from coast to coast, a new and exciting era has begun!

Effective April 9, 2018 Smitty's Family Restaurants in Canada came under the ownership of Equicapita Investment Corp., a Canadian private company investment firm based out of Calgary. In addition to a strong management team and reputation, Equicapita has a diverse portfolio of companies, such as Nutters Everyday Naturals and North West Crane. After gaining a thorough knowledge of the Smitty’s organization, Equicapita remains committed to maintaining the integrity of the brand that has been built over the last 58 years.

“We understand the family nature of this business and the importance of the franchisees to the long-term success of the overall business. Under the recent leadership of Chris Chan, and his grandfather before him, a business with family values was created and nurtured and we will remain focused on preserving that culture.” – Michael Cook, Co-Founder, Equicapita.

The ever-growing Smitty’s family is proud to move forward with the continued leadership of Steven Fee, President and Eric Metzler, Chief Financial Officer, whose objective is to continually add the greatest possible value to our guests and our franchisees. The management team’s focus remains on guest satisfaction, maximizing store profitability and increasing the value of the Smitty’s brand through sustainable growth.

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