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Smitty’s Management Team

The objective of Smitty's™ management is to continually add the greatest possible value to our guests and our franchisees. The company focus will continue to be on guest satisfaction, maximizing store profitability, as well as on increasing the value of the brand through sustainable growth.

Jim Weidinger


With over 25 years of foodservice leadership experience, Jim understands the inner workings of the restaurant business, and leads through transparency and collaboration, with a distinct growth mindset. 

Jim has a deep passion for the hospitality business, and started his career with Smitty's as a dishwasher more than 40 years ago. He has worked his way forward in several operations focused roles in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, bringing success and growth to every position. As president, Jim provides the day-to-day brand leadership towards the corporate Vision for Smitty's Canada; "To be the recognized leader in the Family Casual Foodservice Segment." 

 Jason Kaytor

Vice President of Operations

Jason is a Red Seal chef with over 20 years of operations experience, in both execution and culinary innovation. Jason believes in a collaborative effort with Franchise Partners, to create brand-wide systems and processes to ensure consistency. Jason's culinary prowess stems from experience in kitchens across Canada, from fine dining to fast casual concepts. Jason has a keen eye for efficeincy, cost management and kitchen functions, always seeking a better path forward.

 Rob Sullivan

Director of Development

With over 35 years of experience in the foodservice industry, Rob is focused on the growth of the Smitty's brand from the ground up. Rob seeks and validates potential franchisees, supports existing restaurants with renovations, and acts as project manager and first point of contact for new location builds. Rob believes that excellence in project management is in the details, along with clear communication and strong realtionships. 


 Cheryl Palamar

Director of Marketing

An experienced innovation leader, Cheryl demonstrates skill in assessment and action plans for marketing, communication, public relations and product lifecycles.  With years of forward-thinking in the culinary and foodservice arenas, Cheryl is focused on brand awareness, relevancy and continuous innovation in the guest experience both internally and externally. Cheryl believes that community and communication are key factors in both growth and longevity.