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Frequently Asked Questions about Owning Your Own Smitty's

Design and Construction

Smitty’s™ will provide the design and drawings for your restaurant. All costs of the design and drawings,  local architectural or engineer stamps, including local electrical and mechanical distribution drawings, will be your responsibility.

Smitty’s™ manages the tendering process and the construction project, the decision on which General Contractor to award the work to will be your responsibility. Our Project Manager will work with you to coordinate the landlord, architects, contractors and suppliers to help the process run smoothly.


The success of our concept rests solely on the fact that we treat every meal occasion as an event. Whether we are visited for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack, our philosophy is to ensure that every customer leaves satisfied!

Smitty’s™ has successfully created a market in converting existing food and beverage facilities including free-standing, shopping malls, strip centres, as well as in hotels and motels into our franchises.

Most hotels and motels are in the restaurant business out of necessity. In order to attract hotel guests and to achieve a higher room rate, it is thought that there should be food and beverage on the property.

Hotel and motel owners generally don't have expertise on this side of their business, and accordingly, run a restaurant operation that quite often is unprofitable and does not satisfy guests. This can be a direct reflection on the hotel and negatively impact upon room occupancy.

Therefore, there is an opportunity for Smitty’s™ to solve the problem by providing a proven system of food and beverage franchising, with continuous monitoring and support.

At the same time, what may have been a financial loss to the hotel becomes a profit. In addition to a lower investment cost versus new construction, this arrangement puts the franchisee in a position to obtain immediate cash flow from customers who are staying in the hotels.

We recognize there are many alternatives to eating out in general, let alone in one of our restaurants. The onus is on us to ensure that the customer is more than just satisfied each time they visit us. Good food, at a reasonable price, served quickly in a friendly manner all add up to a good feeling for having dined at Smitty’s™ - and a desire to return frequently.


The Smitty’s™ System

What do I get when I buy a Smitty's™ Franchise?

When you purchase a Smitty's™ Franchise you are buying several decades of brand development, consumer recognition and guest loyalty. In addition, we have documented in detail our operating systems and programs within nine manuals. The titles for these manuals are:

- Branding & Signage

- Development

- New Store Opening

- Franchisee Training

- Management Training

- Crew Training

- Accounting & Administrative Training

- Operations

- Local Store Marketing

The Smitty's™ system has been further documented with our "Presentation and Portion Standards Manual" where all menu items are pictured in photographs and the recipes are shown with all of the ingredients, portioning, cooking, assembly and plating presention.

Our Menus

We carefully research the market and test our products in order to update our award winning menu every six (6) months. Our menu fills the customers' needs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Although Smitty's™ is famous for many items, we know variety will keep our customers returning for more spectacular meals. That’s why our corporate chef and the Franchisee Menu Committee, made up from existing Franchisees across the country, are continuously testing new products.

You will be supplied with our detailed recipes and a Portions and Standards Manual that is updated regularly. Smitty's™ provides regular business conferences to keep all franchisees up-to-date with current standards, trends in the industry and specifications for the Smitty’s™ operating system.

Smitty's™ is proud to offer a substantial kid’s menu, offering menu items for every meal as well as a fine selection of favorite menu choices for our valued customers’ aged 60 and better.





Smitty's™ pancake and waffle flours are prepared from our secret recipes, the formula for which is closely guarded. Our spray-dry formula contains all the ingredients including, buttermilk, eggs, oil and butter. Just add water, and the mixes are ready for the grill.


Smitty’s™ breakfast selections have been tremendously popular with Canadians for nearly 60 years and show no signs of slowing down. Numerous other items including sauces, seasonings, syrups and prepared ready-to-use products are manufactured for Smitty’s™ to exact specifications. All are designed to provide top quality, easy use and customer appeal.

Smitty's™ is committed to offering the highest quality, the freshest foods and a "just like home experience" in all Smitty's™ restaurants.

Products Sold by the Franchisor
We supply our famous Smitty's™ pancake and waffle mix to all our franchisees and provide standardized pricing from coast to coast, through our national distributor. Because Smitty’s™ is committed to offering the highest quality foods and keeping the foods at a consistent level throughout the franchise, we provide private labeled coffee, syrups, french fries, hashbrowns and high volume meats such as bacon, sausage, chicken, and burgers.

As a Smitty's™ franchisee, you will benefit from the buying power of our corporation. Our suppliers consistently produce superior quality products that are available to you at costs lower than those available to independent restaurateurs.


National Marketing
Leveraging the success of being a proudly Canadian brand, Smitty's™ enjoys substantial customer awareness across the country.

Smitty’s™ currently has a National Marketing Fund structure, whereby we support our restaurants with robust national promotions, campaigns and advertising that drives traffic and increases sales.  In addition, we lever our supplier connections to ensure that our customers know we use the finest quality items that are well known to Canadian consumers. Our suppliers offer marketing support to assist Smitty’s™ in sales promotions at the national level. Cooperative promotions using brand names are a proven success for Smitty’s™.

We work to take advantage of the latest market trends, through research into our guest's needs and the competitive set, developing compelling storytelling in a reliable brand-centered plan. 

Local Store Marketing

Browse the gallery below to view some Local Store Marketing examples!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of purchasing a Smitty’s™ will vary from project to project but generally, complete development, training and pre-opening costs will amount to approximately $350,000 to $1,100,000.

Approximately minimum of $250,000 unencumbered cash is required to open a Smitty's™ franchise.

A royalty fee of five percent (5%) of gross Food & Beverage sales is submitted to Smitty's™ monthly.

Contractually, Smitty's™ requires a monthly advertising fee of 3% of gross Food & Beverage sales, that is currently being phased into the family.

Our restaurants currently operate at an average sales volume of approximately $1,400,000. Smitty's™ has proven to be profitable at varied investment and sales levels. A detailed analysis is undertaken prior to acceptance at each location.

How much money a Smitty's™ franchisee makes will depend on market conditions and management control. It is essential to fully understand the profit potential of any business venture you are contemplating. Before you invest you should thoroughly investigate to determine what risks are involved and at what level of profitability you can reasonably expect from your business. The best way to determine this is by referring to the average store information that Smitty's™ supplies. We provide a list of our franchisees complete with names and phone numbers. Contact as many of them as you like in order to have all your questions answered.

For all independent Owner-Operator franchise locations Smitty's™ insists that one of the partners be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the store. The best success is through an owner - operator system.

Smitty's™ provides a 30 day training program at the Corporate Training Facility in Calgary for your front and back end operators. This time frame may be more or less depending on your experience.


We will train you and your management team in all aspects of successfully operating a Smitty's™ restaurant, including customer service, hiring and training of staff, scheduling, cash management, food purchasing, inventory control, preparation and quality control. You will also be provided with detailed Operating Manuals and an Employee Handbook.


Our Accounting Department will review accounting procedures with you, and will supply you with a Smitty's™ Accounting and Administration Manual.

Smitty's™ provides the Franchisee and management team with on-site support for approximately 5 days prior to opening and approximately 2 weeks after opening, until such time as the management and staff are fully in control of the operation.

Smitty's™ offers full support in all areas of accounting, menu development (through our menu planning committee), marketing (through our marketing committee) and human resources.


Smitty's™ requires approval on all sites, providing assistance in site selection and lease negotiation.

Site selection is critical to the success of a Smitty's™ . Because of this importance, Smitty's™ insists on approving all sites. We do provide assistance in lease negotiations and site selection.

Smitty’s™ will provide the design and drawings for your restaurant. All costs of the design and drawings,  local architectural or engineers’ stamps, including local electrical and mechanical distribution drawings, will be your responsibility.


Smitty’s™ manages the tendering process and the construction project, the decision on which General Contractor to award the work to will be your responsibility. Our Project Manager will work with you to coordinate the landlord, architects, contractors and suppliers to help the process run smoothly.

Our franchising team is continually searching for new locations. Smitty’s™ Canada insists on approving all proposed sites. The Franchise Fee includes our professional experience in locating and evaluating each potential site.
Our evaluation includes, but is not limited to, existing competition, traffic patterns, sales generators such as shopping centers or hotel/motels, site accessibility and demographics. We draw on many years of experience in the selection process and knowledge in lease negotiations to provide assistance for you and your lawyer. 
Please feel free to call us for additional information. If you are interested in pursuing the possibility of becoming a Smitty's™ franchisee, please complete the Franchise Application and submit online.
Once the information has been reviewed and it has been determined that the information meets the criteria necessary to become a Smitty's™ franchisee, we will be in contact. This contact, or perhaps a personal meeting also serves as an approval meeting. If the contact or personal meeting is successful, and should you choose to proceed, then a $10,000.00 CA refundable deposit is required so that we may begin site selection and development.

Start up Costs

The major costs for opening a Smitty’s™ Restaurant vary from location-to-location, and is dependent on many factors. Our Franchising expert will be happy to walk you through all of the questions that you might have regarding franchise fees, royalties, new restaurant build out costs or existing conversion costs. 



Confidential Franchise Application And Evaluation Form

Please complete the following "Confidential Franchise Application and Evaluation Form" and return it to us either by completing the online version or by mailing or faxing it to us at the address or fax number specified on the printable version of the application form. The printable version of the application form is available by clicking here.

All of your information will be held in the strictest confidence and it is understood that neither party will be under any obligations.


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